Live Broadcast

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, offline exhibitions such as Canton Fair, Hongkong Fair cannot be held as scheduled. But with the promotion of Internet live broadcasts, NINGBO ICEBERG has carried out many live broadcasts on various platforms from last year.

The live broadcast process shows our production line, equipment machines, test room, warehouse, sample room of the factory, so that customers can truly understand NINGBO ICEBERG's professional ability and factory strength in the mini fridge industry.

At the same time, we shows all of our products models(mini fridge, cosmetic fridge, camping cooler box and compressor car mini fridge), the use of different functions (Cooling and Warming function, DC and AC use) and different scenarios so that customers can choose models which they are most interested in. Products’ customization, such as MOQ, color, package, are very concerned by customers, they can know this details in our live broadcast and make some decisions.

Besides we can communicate with customer directly if they have any question when they watching, so that they can get answer quickly and make decision to place orders. Our live broadcast is very popular and customers can understand the product and factory more intuitively through live broadcast.

Through the live webcast, the epidemic and distance will no longer become an obstacle, customers around the world can directly review our products and factory, which like face to face talking.

Up to now, we have organized live broadcast more than 30 times. If you want to watch previous broadcast, you can visit our Alibaba shop.

The live broadcast attracted many customers all over the world and brought many inquiries. Now every month, we will have a regular live broadcast in Alibaba shop as it has will a trend in the future. We believe more and more people will know our factory through live broadcast.

Welcome to watch and let us know your ideas which will help us much.

Post time: Nov-30-2022
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