custom mini fridge 4 liter, cosmetic beauty fridge for skincare, portable fridge for room

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Exquisite small mini refrigerator, happiness is to fill the refrigerator, retain the freshly opened. 4 liter mini refrigerator for cosmetics, skin care moment to taste fresh. Portable retro mini fridge for car and home. Cooling and heating, with the control of the heart, with it there are four seasons. Mini fridge beverage cooler applicable to a variety of scenes, a wide range of uses to meet different needs.

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  • MFA-5L-GA
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Small electric fridge, it's not the fridge that opens, it's your life.
Constant temperature lock freshness, help light makeup beauty.


Exquisite details of small compact refrigerator.
The definition of beauty, written into the product.

  • Pu Leather handle. Easy to move, easy and effortless.
  • Removable dividers plate for maximum capacity utilization.
  • Notched pull side handle. Sealed and tight, smooth opening and closing.
  • Side removable case. Can be placed lipstick, mask.
  • High quality ABS material and spare parts, product texture and fashion coexist.
  • Rounded edges, rounded body, elegant and beautiful.
  • Food contact with ABS material, food-grade health material.
  • Durable and beautiful without odor.

Portable refrigerator for home, whether it's a makeup desktop or a office desk, it can be integrated delicately and easily.


Product specification information

Thermoelectric Cooler And Warmer
1.Power: AC 100-240V (Adapter)
2.Volume: 4 Liter
3.Power Consumption: 20W±10%
4.Cooling:17-19s℃ below ambient temp.(25℃)
5.Heating: 45-65℃ by thermostat
6.Insulation: High density EPS

MFP-5L-A MFA-5L-GA_001

Mini cute fridge 4 liter have the great function for user. It is colorful and easy for using. Just plug it into power and adjust the mode, then the fridge is working on.

  • AC/DC power cord, mini portable drink cooler, easy to use indoors and outdoors.
  • Perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.
  • Cooler and warmer, switch from cold to warm at anytime you want.
  • compact capacity, can fill in 4 bottles 380ml or 6 can fridge 330ml, fully meet personal needs.

Every bit of freshness deserves to be preserved.
Breast milk preservation, cosmetic storage, beveragerefrigeration, medicine preservation.

mini fridge in room, soft sound operation, best quiet mini fridge, noise level below 28dB, sound sleep all night. Soft sound and low noise, still sleep well tonight.




Provide customized services, you can customize logo and color.
Design and match as you like.

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